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Murphymeter highly efficient checklist for electrical engineers
Highly Efficient Checklists for Electrical Engineers.
Murphymeter is a collaborative tool to create effective checklists, and beat Murphy's law every time.
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Moment-rec electronics board
An acoustic time machine
Moment-rec will let you capture any sound that has been uttered in the past 60s – Just like a real time machine would.
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PPP PCB electronics
Sheet-iron shears feeder
The goal was to modernize a sheet-irion shears machine with a precision measurement system based on step motors.
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Kind Karma Background
Kind Karma
Spread good karma
You get to send a single message to a stranger. In return you will receive a heartwarming message by a stranger.
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E-commerce store for T-shirts, comics and desktop furniture. Based on a campaign to motivate and encourage people at their workplace.