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Mahatma Gandhi

Build The 10 Prototypes Rule. Shows in emojis how you first draft a prototype. Then it fails, you examine and then redo it.

What’s The 10 Prototypes Rule?

What’s The 10 Prototypes Rule? So, you want to build, market and sell your own products. Creating your first prototype is probably not new to you. But make no mistake. Just creating a single prototype is not going to cut it. In fact, you should create at least 10 prototypes before releasing your product. The…

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Introduction to speaker verification

This post introduces the reader to speech signal processing. We will mostly focus on speaker verification. First the term speaker verification will be explained. Next, we will talk about the very basics of the human vocal system as well as the human auditory system. The understanding of both topics is important, in order to understand some of the techniques common in speech processing. After that, we will have a look at the signal representation of speech. Finally, we will talk about the basic elements of a speaker verification system.

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